2020 Engraving & Shading Arabesque Scrolls on Gentleman’s Lighter


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Sam Alfano

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Metal Engraving

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The Arabesque style is the most complex and difficult style of ornamental hand engraving. Its random growth is full of surprises with leaves and tendrils sprouting from unpredictable places, yet following a smooth and graceful flow. Those who explore this style are quickly confronted with shading challenges they have never encountered. This course will take you through the cutting and shading of this amazing style that many consider the pinnacle of ornamental design.

Students will engrave a very heavy solid brass zippo style gentleman’s lighter for the class project. This heavyweight lighter is 1.7mm thick and beautifully machined from solid brass bar stock. The design will be provided for transfer.


  • Learn the intricacies of cutting Arabesque
  • Background removal producing a deep relief raised design
  • Shading and crosshatching techniques to produce a three-dimensional effect

Class Project

Solid brass Zippo lighter.


Completion of a GRS Basic Metal Engraving course or instructor approval is required, as well as an understanding of proper tool sharpening and basic engraving techniques.

Please note: Course information subject to change without notice. Example images may not show exact techniques, methods, designs, etc., taught or demonstrated in course.