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2020 GRSTC Class Schedule

FULL05/04–05/08Basic Western EngravingJoin the wait list >> Diane Scalese$895.00Basic
FULL05/04–05/08Basic Metal EngravingJoin the wait list >> Jake Newell$895.00Basic
FULL05/11–05/15Combination Course for JewelersJoin the wait list >> Todd Daniels$1,050.00Basic
FULL05/18–05/22Basic Metal EngravingJoin the wait list >> Sam Alfano$895.00Basic
FULL05/18–05/22Start-to-Finish Gun Engraving (1911 .45 Pistol)Join the wait list >> Rex Pedersen$1,275.00Intermediate
FULL06/01–06/05Decorative Setting & EngravingJoin the wait list >> Todd Daniels$1,275.00Intermediate
Open06/01–06/05Scroll Design & EngravingJake Newell$1,275.00Intermediate
FULL06/08–06/12Basic Stone SettingJoin the wait list >> Mitchell Lurth$1,050.00Basic
Open06/08–06/12Basic Metal EngravingLayne Zuelke$895.00Basic
FULL06/15–06/19Basic Gun EngravingJoin the wait list >> Rex Pedersen$895.00Basic
FULL06/15–06/19Lettering for EngraversJoin the wait list >> Sam Alfano$1,275.00Intermediate
Open06/22–06/26Basic Metal EngravingSteve Dunn$895.00Basic
FULL06/22–06/26Deep Relief EngravingJoin the wait list >> Bob Finlay$1,275.00Intermediate
Open07/06–07/10Basic Metal EngravingRick Eaton$895.00Basic
Open07/13–07/17Basic Stone SettingMitchell Lurth$1,050.00Basic
FULL07/13–07/17Intermediate Tricks of the TradeJoin the wait list >> Jeff Parke$1,275.00Intermediate
FULL07/20–07/24Basic Jewelry EngravingJoin the wait list >> Sam Alfano$895.00Basic
Open07/20–07/24Refined Stone Setting for Bench JewelersBlaine Lewis$1,315.00Advanced
FULL07/27–07/31Advanced Gun Engraving (Derringer)Join the wait list >> Layne Zuelke$1,675.00Advanced
Open07/27–07/31Basic Metal EngravingRex Pedersen$895.00Basic
FULL08/03–08/07Combination Course for JewelersJoin the wait list >> Todd Daniels$1,050.00Basic
Open08/10–08/14Professional Stone SettingMitchell Lurth$1,350.00Intermediate
Open08/17–08/21Make. Market. Sell.Nevada Miller$895.00Basic
FULL08/17–08/21Artistic Inlay & FiguresJoin the wait list >> Jeff Parke$1,675.00Advanced
FULL08/24–08/28Sculpted Scrolls on JewelryJoin the wait list >> Sam Alfano$1,675.00Advanced
Open08/24–08/28Basic Metal EngravingSteve Dunn$895.00Basic
Open09/14–09/18Fabricating & Engraving a Silver BraceletDiane Scalese$1,275.00Intermediate
Open09/14–09/18Basic Metal EngravingRick Eaton$895.00Basic
FULL09/21–09/25Engraving & Shading Arabesque Scrolls on Gentleman's LighterJoin the wait list >> Sam Alfano$1,275.00Intermediate
Open09/21–09/25Basic Jewelry EngravingMitchell Lurth$895.00Basic
FULL10/05–10/09Next Level BulinoJoin the wait list >> Jake Newell$1,675.00Advanced
Open10/05–10/09Basic Western EngravingJeremiah Watt$895.00Basic
Open10/12–10/16Fabrication & Engraving - 4 Projects in 5 DaysJeremiah Watt$1,350.00Intermediate
Open10/12–10/16Basic Jewelry EngravingJake Newell$895.00Basic
Open10/19–10/23Basic Metal EngravingJeff Parke$895.00Basic
FULL10/19–10/23Advanced Stone SettingJoin the wait list >> Todd Daniels$1,675.00Advanced
Open10/26–10/30Fabricating & Engraving Silver RingsDiane Scalese$1,675.00Advanced
Open11/02–11/06Advanced Inlay & SculptingRick Eaton$1,675.00Advanced

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