Class Overview

Overview of…

Basic Courses

These courses offer you an introduction to the world of hand engraving and jewelry work in a way that is friendly, easy to understand, and fast paced. To help the learning process take less time, your bench is personalized with a full set of tools necessary for your specific course. The curriculum includes a custom set of practice plates with laser-marked designs. When you follow these designs, you build confidence and accuracy while learning.

Instructors use personal experience to give each course a unique perspective. Each GRSTC instructor is a working professional who offers a wealth of practical knowledge. Get a foundation for future courses and start engraving today.

General Course Objectives

• Correct setup of GRS equipment
• Operation of common classroom tools
• Tool sharpening, theory, and geometry
• Tool shaping and bench grinder operation
• Surface preparation for engraving or stone setting
• Artwork layout and design principles
• Design transfer techniques
• Line cutting techniques
• Proper use of workholding fixtures and devices
• Business practices and pricing work (varies by instructor)

Take a Basic Course if…

• You want to become a professional hand engraving artist or jeweler
• You are looking for a rewarding hobby
• You have never hand engraved or set stones
• You are self taught and need personal instruction
• You are a jeweler who wants to learn hand engraving skills

Intermediate Courses

Intermediate courses allow you to go beyond the basics and take the next step with more challenging techniques. To help the learning process take less time, your bench is personalized with a full set of tools necessary for your specific course.

Courses such as Design Concepts & Engraving and Start-to-Finish Firearms Engraving provide ways to think creatively about your designs and engrave real-world examples for even better work.

General Prerequisites

You must have completed a GRS Basic course in the same area of study or have instructor approval prior to enrollment. Additional prerequisites are noted. Contact GRS for details.


Take an Intermediate Course if...

• You have taken a GRS Basic course
• Your work shows fundamental course-related skills
• You are self taught and need a better instructor
• You could use a refresher on the fundamentals of intermediate skills

Advanced Courses

These courses take you to the highest levels. From in-depth stone setting to ornamental engraving techniques, the most creative and distinguished skills are the focus of Advanced courses. Excellent control of pneumatic tools and a broad knowledge in the eld of engraving or jewelry work is required for Advanced courses.


Take an Advanced Course if...

• You have taken a GRS Intermediate course
• Your work shows intermediate to advanced skills
• You wish to go beyond your current level