Why a Training Center?

Less than 50 years ago, the field of traditional engraving seemed to be coming to an end. Like many specialized trades, engravers and stone setters were secretive about techniques. Becoming a quality professional took more than half a lifetime.

From Secrets To Sharing

All that has changed. Now you can learn in days what once took years. What’s the secret? GRS provides a friendly environment with personal access to the best tools and the best instructors. Because the engravers and stone setters of today see the value of passing on this trade to the next generation, you can learn from top professionals who are active in their fields. These pros are passionate – and they want to see you succeed.

Why A Training Center?

So what’s the point of a Training Center? To advance the skills of engravers, stone setters, and other artists so that these fields not only stay alive, but THRIVE in our fast-paced modern culture.


Many people ask if these courses are for serious artists looking to earn more money or recognition, or if these are more for those looking for a satisfying hobby.

The answer is both! Whether you are already working in your field or have always been interested in starting a new hobby, GRS courses are for you.